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Now that I am out of college and done with formal education for the time being, I have been thinking about what I really learned in my 14+ years of school, and what I want to learn.
While I know that learning a language or how to sketch well or how to crochet doesn't happen overnight, I just don't have the time I had in school to devote myself to studying every day. So how can I learn something quickly, efficiently, and easily?
Well, Brendon Burchard, a motivational speaker and author wants to help you.
I'll ruin the suspense and give you his first point though:
More important than what do you want to learn is: Why do you want to learn?
Figure that out and go change your life!
That was an awesome video.
very inspiring! I can relate to a few things that were mentioned and fix them.. All in all great video!
Wow this is inspiring XD
omg I absolutely loved this video. I'm more driven than ever!
I am definitely the 'someday' kind of girl. I want to be fluent in French...someday