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Avalanche Studios, the independent AAA games developer based in Stockholm, has announced that Just Cause 3 will ship during "holiday 2015." Just Cause 3 is in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It features a 400 square-mile map, split into three main areas that are available to explore from the onset.
Just Cause 3 is like FarCry meets Saint's Row. FarCry's gameplay and exploration, with the crazyness of Saint's Row. Just Cause isn't known for it's incredible story telling, or perfect realism. It's made famous by how beautiful the game is and by how down right fun the game is on a base level.
@TeamWaffles Hit the nail on the head.
This game, omg it's going to be so epic. Story? Psh who needs it. Realistic gadgets and physics? No fun there. Absolute absurdity? Yes. Not many games can pull that off.
@satish87 It says it in the writing Yes it can be played on PC! Just Cause 2 was on PC and had a ton of great mods so you can expect the same with Just Cause 3