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Paul Nicklen, a photographer for National Geographic, went on assignment in Antarctica in order to capture photos of leopard seals while in the water.
When he and his assistants get to the location, they spot one of the biggest leopard seals they have ever seen. Now, this leopard seal had a mouth big enough to fit Paul's camera and head in at the same time. Coupled with razor sharp teeth and a fearless attitude, this seal could be a real threat!
Despite this viscious looks of the leopard seal, everything went better than expected! The seal thought Paul was a useless predator and that his camera lens was a mouth. This is a photographer's dream because the seal kept coming directly to the lens for great photo opportunities!
What was amazing is that the seal began trying to feed Paul, he says the seal actually seemed worried that Paul would not be able to survive so it tried to help!
that's truly a beautiful story
@dillonk You're totally right! lol
Wow! I wasn't expecting it to be so friendly toward the photographer
@Anothny I think it's probably equal parts fun and terrifying
This is so cool! It must be so scary being a wildlife photographer sometimes. You never know what wild animals are going to do