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Lately I've been thinking of ways to dazzle on my big day. I thought, I know, jewelry!
Then I stumbled upon this article that basically tells me what my mom already knew before and told me herself. Oh, mom...you were right. Again. (Love you mom!)
In case you don't know what to do about your wedding day jewelry, here are some things I learned from my mom and from the article at CertifiedJewelry.com.
1. Make sure you have your dress first. Then, if it's needed, get an appropriate necklace.
2. What's going on with your hair? Find out, then pick a necklace or jewelry to go in the hair. 3. Ask yourself, does your dress and hairstyle warrant having more jewelry?
4. If you decide to get jewelry, ensure that whatever you get does not detract or cheapen the look of the dress, hair, and ultimately, what you look like.
5. When all else fails, trust your gut and always listen to the women who have gone before you, like your mom.
I know what you mean @noonmarez This was the picture that came with the article that i read. I'd go for something more delicate too.
i like pearls and crystals, but not sure together like this is my style. I like small dainty pearls and that sort of thing.
This is the sort of piece of jewelry that really commands attention. The dress needs to be simple and go well with this.