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that holy shit moment
coming around a sharp corner
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sketchy bro. stay in yo lane mane
3 years ago·Reply
I had a closer call than this. The speed limit was 10 she was going 30 than yells at me.
3 years ago·Reply
heck yeah. that will get the heart BEATING! im glad it turned out good. way to stay on the road!
3 years ago·Reply
well it was fine, I might have been over exaggerating cause of the speed I came into it but I just had to swerve, I was in the other lane right before I got on camera but idk it still felt sketchy haha @KTM2014
3 years ago·Reply
definitely need a spotter. its not worth it. we all take those risks sometimes though. on the long, fast runs I'd definitely stay in your lane if you can't spot the corner for yourself. looks like you did a decent job. how did it turn out if you dont mind spoiling your vid
3 years ago·Reply
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