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Trending in all the magazines and blogs these days are weddings that harken eras gone-by. You know it's legit when rental house inventory can't keep up with demand for farm tables, bureaus, and anything olden that predates Marilyn Monroe.
So I decided to do my own search. And since I live in Southern California, the entertainment capital, how hard could it be to find farm-style decor for event and wedding rentals? Apparently quite easy. If you are in the SoCal area and need shabby-chic-cum-boho vignette pieces to finish out the theme, then you need to investigate for there enormous assortment of furniture and findings.
They have a terrific blog that showcases a real wedding using some of their rented furniture and accessories for Jen and Jim's wedding this past January. Take a look. Be inspired. Share your thoughts and ideas on what you'd like to see.
Nothing like a good martini to get things moving in the right direction. And since this wedding took place on an apple orchard, it's only appropriate to serve apple-tinis. I love how the bar was limited to the couple's signature cocktail and standard beer and wine. Keeps things simple and the budget from going straight to the liquor.
Check out the rustic chairs at the farm table in the third picture. The table isn't over dressed and everything looks wedding-perfect. I just want to dine like this everyday!
Vignettes are not just popular, they're utilitarian as well. You want to set the stage, so to speak, with items that echo the past. A great way to do that is through comfortable seating such as this rustic lounge area for guests. It's a great way to corral guests into a cozy spot and conversation.
Notice the use of woven baskets, wood and wire chicken crate boxes and shabby furniture. A slice of pie makes this wedding feel like a local town square festival. It's warm and good-hearted.
Adding to the Early Americana vibe, the couple created a general store vignette where guests could grab canned fruits, jams, and jars of peanut butter. An old fashioned cash register completed the look. I am in love with this wedding idea. This is a unique and fun way to get married. It's got plenty of character. This is the type of wedding I would never mind missing a Saturday to myself for. This is fun, which is what many weddings are missing. What happened to all the fun?
Tell me what you think of Jen & Jim's wedding pictures. Is this style something you'd like to recreate? Love your comments and feedback.
I am such a lover of this style. I wish i had done it this way the first time. Although, that didn't last, so, nevermind. My next wedding can be like this.
This looks like something my sister would do. She loves rustic things.
So purty.
I know @nixonwoman. I keep finding more and more awesome pictures of this type of thing. haha You're funny @darcysdiary. Tell us more!!
@danidee is your sis on vingle? show her the card
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