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I recently posted about the beautiful Acadia National Park, a place I visited about 5 years ago now, and have been hoping to return to.
It seems like now I have an excuse to! Their centennial is coming up next year (2016) so they've opened a new webpage dedicated to the celebrations. While they haven't planned much yet (you can see what they have planned so far here), they're planning to have a year filled with community-based, world-welcoming celebrations by over 100 partners! This is all being set up by Friends of Acadia, a nonprofit who helps preserve and grow the park.
So, it seems like visiting in 2016 is a must: you can see the amazing trails and sights, while also getting to take part in the local history of the place as it's put on display. If you want to help organize, you can also visit their site and volunteer to put on an event!

A few events already planned:

"Authors of Acadia"
"Local historian Jack Russell plans to develop 6 events, including an “Authors of Acadia” reading and reception, and a“PechaKucha” presentation entitled “13.8 Billion Years in 400 Seconds: A Natural History of Acadia,” with 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each, in a concise format developed in Tokyo and now a global phenomenon."
Garden Club:
"The Garden Club of Mount Desert’s biannual “Open Garden Day,” to be held on July 23, 2016, will focus on historic gardens on the island."
Maine Artists:
"A group show of Maine artists whose work has been directly inspired by the park will be hosted by the Maine Arts Commission at the Maine State House in Augusta, from Dec. 5, 2015, through April 8, 2016."
@treedweller If I see anything especially cool I'll make sure to mention it!
I'd love to attend the Authors of Acadia one. I can't wait to see what other events will be going on--it'd be good to be able to go to more than one.
@fallingwater Thankfully since it's a year long it shouldn't be too bad, though I'm sure certain events will attract even more people!
Cool stuff!! I really enjoyed your other carda bout here and have been thinking about going--my parents actually live pretty close to that area now so it wouldn't even be a huge trip if I go visit them first.
I wonder how busy the park will get because of this!