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What you eat before and after a workout defines what you're getting out of each drop of sweat. If you aren't fueling up, you won't workout as hard. If you aren't letting your body recover, you aren't taking advantage of the metabolism boost and your body will react negatively in the long run.
So what can you throw together quickly for a great pre and post workout treat? Here's some inspiration!
Pre-Workout is all about carbs. Depending on how hard you're working out, you want to stock up on some complex carbs to power you through!
If you're just going to a pilates class, grab a few apple chips or greek yogurt, but if you're running a few miles think about upping that carb intake!
Pre-Workout Snacks:
- Toast with Nutella
Post-Workout is all about protein. Your body is revved up and needs some serious protein to turn into muscle! Your metabolism is running wild so this is the best time to eat up!
Post-Workout Snacks:
Roasted soy beans are another great source of protein after a workout!
My only problem with the hummus and pita chips snack is that I eat WAY too much of both!
@kristenadams that's a good idea. Protein bars are never as good as a bag of raw, natural fruit or nuts.
Putting peanut butter in greek yogurt is actually so delicious!
Looks like yogurt is good any time of day! Woo!
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