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I want to introduce you to a bridal shower concept that is a little bit more grown up than you might be comfortable with and considerably more intimate than you ever imagined. Indulge me a smidge and let's journey a road much, much less traveled in the swirl of what has increasingly become bridal shower mania.
This is about you--the bride--and as many or as few of your best, best girl friends as you can count on two hands. No more than that! Whether you meet at your favorite hotspot down Abbot Kinney or on the outdoor patio of W in Hollywood, this concept is also about keeping things simple. Gone are the tchotchkes, the schtick, and the schmaltz. It's about a power cluster of woman meeting to embrace, imbibe and flutter in laughter.
In this series of pictures, notice that the gimmicks have been replaced with adult beverages and hipster styling--an homage to supper clubs in the late 1950's. Boatnecks. Vintage pearls. Bold floral prints. Citrus.
So...? What do you think of changing up the routine of your bridal shower to something like this? Even if you're not feeling the hipster vibe, pick your own vibe. Maybe it's post-modernism. Boho. Whatever it is, make it your own. Please share with me your thoughts on this and what you are looking for in your own bridal shower.
TIP: Remember, the bridal shower is not your mom's responsibility. It is your Maid of Honor that is supposed to be in charge of the event.
I like those crystal champagne glasses. this is a cute idea. That dog is too cute!
I am really getting into weddings that are small scale and intimate. Not a fan of the big deal. Already did that once. Never again
My mom and I were not sure what to think of this because it's so different from what we're used to and because it seems really cool and simple. Thinking about this...