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As you may know I am struggling a bit with what I am going to wear on my head for my wedding. Veil? Hat? Aviator? Headband? Jewels? What?
When I went to Google I typed in "swarovski headpiece" and this image showed up. I clicked on it and it took me to Suzy O'Roarke Millinery...in Australia!
On her website it's listed as:
Crystal Feather Headpiece
$490 (not sure what the exchange rate into US Dollars is)
Swarovski on silver metal
It's completely out of my price range. Also, not sure what the shipping would cost on top of it to get to Chicago. The ONLY way I could see spending this kind of money is if my dress was either free or way cheap. And since I am going in the direction of lace, I can't imagine that I will find the perfect gown for under $500.
pricey but sooo elegant
Aww. thanks. It's so hard to find pretty wedding things that isn't expensive.
sweet design. My sister would like this.
Adorable for a bride to wear.