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I might be sort of alone in this one, but one idea I've got about making sure to really Leave No Trace is to avoid using any sort of cleaning detergents (even those made for the outdoors) by not washing my pans. Seriously.
All I'm thinking is just keep doing this:
- Boil water (usually un-purified) to get bugs and such out, then dig my utensil in to sterilize it.
- Cook.
- Eat from pan.
- Quick rinse.
Good to go!
What do you think of this @treedweller? Is it a good way to get around using those detergents and what not that are gonna cause pollution?
@happyrock Yeah I'm the same. @treedweller Figured you'd be for this! I don't see why some people get so worried about it.
I don't see any issue with this! And I'm all abou tnot suing detergent in the outdoors if you can avoid it.
As long as I make foods that don't leave too much residue (which I generally try to avoid anyways) i'm the same. I"l just wash it fully when I get home.