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While I'm not the biggest fan of convenience store or fast food coffee, it does the trick for so many people that BuzzFeed got the brilliant idea to make a video comparing their tastes. I don't know why they consider Starbucks "fast food" coffee in here, because compared to the others they obviously have a much higher standard for coffee (though some would probably argue with me on that one). Anyways, check it out.
Which one is your favorite?
@marshalledgar Everyone likes something different--you just gotta try till you find it! @danidee Yes exactly! I prefer hand drip or cold brew or whatever it is I like best, but I am no stranger to kind of preferring what is cheaper, cheaper, cheaper!
I actually prefer getting mine at 7-11 if I have to do 'fast food' coffee, but it's mostly for the price point and the fact they have a full bar of syrups and milks and whipped creams and marshmallows so if you want to fancify, it's all there.
agreed @hikaymm all about what's easy on the wallet
This made me smile so big. I cannot stand the taste of coffee. At all. Yes, I've tried it from a dozen different places thinking it would be different. And it's always the same finale: awful. Until...I randomly had a large vanilla iced coffee with 4 splenda and extra vanilla at McDonalds!!!!!!!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.