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Fast Food Coffee Showdown
While I'm not the biggest fan of convenience store or fast food coffee, it does the trick for so many people that BuzzFeed got the brilliant idea to make a video comparing their tastes. I don't know why they consider Starbucks "fast food" coffee in here, because compared to the others they obviously have a much higher standard for coffee (though some would probably argue with me on that one). Anyways, check it out.
Which one is your favorite?
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This made me smile so big. I cannot stand the taste of coffee. At all. Yes, I've tried it from a dozen different places thinking it would be different. And it's always the same finale: awful. Until...I randomly had a large vanilla iced coffee with 4 splenda and extra vanilla at McDonalds!!!!!!!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
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I actually prefer getting mine at 7-11 if I have to do 'fast food' coffee, but it's mostly for the price point and the fact they have a full bar of syrups and milks and whipped creams and marshmallows so if you want to fancify, it's all there.
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@marshalledgar Everyone likes something different--you just gotta try till you find it! @danidee Yes exactly! I prefer hand drip or cold brew or whatever it is I like best, but I am no stranger to kind of preferring what is cheaper, cheaper, cheaper!
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agreed @hikaymm all about what's easy on the wallet
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