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Ego & Estrogen Over An Emerald
Drink up gals. And then pour yourself another. 'Cause this emerald is 339 carats of pure stone carved bitchery.
Lang Antiques says, on its website, that this one-of-a-kind emerald ring would be "a striking necklace slide or paperweight or objet d'art." I'd like to differ. This is a ring my dears and therefore, ought to be worn as such. Damn the comfort. Damn the size. Damn the naysayers.

I'm going to be giving Winston a math test. I like to call these tests Ego & Estrogen because they're designed to force men's ego to be the problem-solvers that they are. In doing so, however, I am able to pose the question in such a way that I can (attempt) to get what I want. Don't be accusing me of manipulation either, I've already got that trick honed to perfection.
At $50 per carat can you tell me how much this ring is going to cost your lover to gift you?

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HAHAHA @marshalledgar! You wish!! That emerald is MINE
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Looks heavy! @nixonwoman. Would you really wear this?
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Exactly @darcysdiary. Now, the trick is to get the men in our lives to splurge for us. And Yes, I would wear this @noonmarez. You wouldn't?! This is a massive solid emerald!!
3 years ago·Reply
I looked at this ring again and maybe my first comment was a bit rash. It is incredible. No doubt about it. And I'd only want it for its value. But looking at this ring again, it isn't that attractive.
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