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Ive been thinking about getting the tesseract board. my friends who've rode it give it a good review, and I want to get into sliding more, any suggestions?
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I would look into a rayne amazon. The tessy would be good too. A landyachtz switchblade is way slidey, but less downhill. Arbor liam morgon pro model is a goodtopmount
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my friend has a switchblade, Im not to fond of those types of boards. I like flat boards, maybe with a tiny bit of concave, but Ill definitely look into those anyways. it wont hurt to check them out, thanks !
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Then i really suggest the liam morgan pro model, not the tesseract. The tessy has a loooooot of concave. Really, check out the arbor liam morgan pro. It sounds exactly like what you want.
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Check out the loaded tan tien sounds like exactly what you might want
3 years ago·Reply
Ooooo no no no. Even flex 1 of the tan tien is too flexy. It only has slight side concave and has camber. Its meant for flexy cruising and maybe some flatland tricks. Not made for speed @TreyChiri
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