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Would Taylor Lautner Reunite with a Cheating Girlfriend?
As a co-star to apparently-on-again couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the "The Twilight Saga," Taylor Lautner saw first-hand how a relationship can weather an infidelity scandal. So, does the 20-year-old actor think he'd be able to reunite with a cheating girlfriend? "To be honest, I've never been involved in any of those situations, so I don't know," Taylor told Cosmopolitan's December issue. "It would be just a guess and a shot in the dark, and I don't want to give that if I haven't even been there myself." Taylor, who has been linked to Taylor Swift and his "Abduction" co-star Lily Collins, said he does, however, believe it's "possible" to reconnect with an ex. "It depends on how long you were with that person. If it was a long, serious relationship, I think it's quite easy to rekindle," he said. "I guess it depends on what damage has been done. There's no ex out there who I'm not friends with today, and I'm extremely thankful for that." As for what he looks for in a girl, Taylor said "honesty and loyalty are key." "If two people can be honest with each other about everything, that's probably the biggest key to success," he said. "I like to think of myself as very loyal, and I love everyone I surround myself with, whether they're friends or girlfriends or whatever. I love loyal people."
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