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It's hard enough to find even a flicker of heat inside a white opal. I'm mystified that this black opal is capable of raging with such an intensity, almost inferno-like. Where one may find a blur from yellow to green, this Art Deco "Lightning Ridge" black opal ring features broad sharp strokes of fiery red across the color wheel to moody violet.
You can't see it, but engraved inside the ring are the letters WB. Lang Antiques opines on their website that it could be an heirloom from the possessions of either of the infamous German Weinrich brothers who, like the alchemist, turned their parched grains into gold.
Winston, if you're reading this, here's what you need to know: Item No. 30-1-7067.
For everyone else:
C. 1825
Size 6
.60 cttw
For those who don't know, black opals are the most rare of all opals. If you stumble across one and for a fair price--snatch it up and don't ever let it out of your possession, unless passing it down as an heirloom.
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My Great Grandmother had two opal earrings. I was never allowed to touch them.
The size of this opal is impressive enough. Finding a black one is incredible.
I don't blame your grandmother, though I'm sure you'd love to get them. Are the opals still in the family? @noonmarez
Love the firey color in the stone.
If you haven't already done so, feel free to follow my Vintage Rings Collection. All kinds of great finds there.