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Prologue: If there are things in the world that would make you happy and things that would make you sad, then these things should be cherished with every single cell in your body, even the places in your head that you're so afraid to reveal, ever since my parents had divorced, I've had places to go because i couldn't handle what my parents had said they would do and they never did, when they would drink away their sorrows one bottle at a time. I would run away to the places that i was most comfortable in. Things got worse, but better at the same time, it's scary. When it seemed like life was getting better, it got worse at the same time. You begin to fear what is to come next, so as time went on, I grew up and things got a lot more difficult to hide from. I fought my inner demons and i have faced them, but when it seems as if it's ending, it only begins again, getting harder and harder every single fucking time. But I had help, I never had to go through it alone, it is only til now that i share what has gotten me through it all, who has helped me get by in life and helped me realize the light in the dark. So now I have more than just stories to tell, a fantasy that we all might have been or gone to in times of great stress. It really is a wonderful thing to know that we all might bot be that different. This is just the prologue to what dreams are and can become. Hope you all enjoy these stories.
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Already read the first chapter, but just got to this one: I will enjoy the stories. Thanks for sharing.