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You probably heard and use the term "beauty sleep" plenty of times but are you really getting your beauty sleep? This term is more than letting your body rest and rejuvenate itself for the next day. If you want to look more radiant and beautiful overnight adopt these nighttime habits.
1. Sleep on silk or satin pillowcase.
When your skin is in contact with cotton fabric it can cause friction and overtime this can cause wrinkles. On the other hand, the soft fibers from silk or satin will keep your hair from tangling at night and cause less friction between your skin and pillow.
2. Sleep on your back
Gravity causes our skin to sag and age. Thus, sleeping our back can help reduce eye puffiness and prevent skin from creasing. People who sleep on their side may notice more wrinkles on the side that touches the pillow because of the repeated pressure.
3. Moisturize your skin before sleeping
Serum and moisturize absorbs better when we're asleep because this is the time when our skin repairs itself. If you want to wake up with dewy and glowing skin make sure to moisturize!
4. Clean your pillowcase (and beddings often)
Don't let bacteria accumulate in your bedsheets and pillowcase! This can open up chances for pimples and acne to form.
5. Avoid alcoholic drink and super salty food in the evening
Your body dehydrates when you consume alcohol and salty food. In order to compensate, it starts collecting natural fluid from the eyes. In the morning, you will be greeted with puffy eyes and sometime bloated face.
6. Clean your face before sleeping
If there is one rule you must keep, this is the one! Never go to bed with makeup on because you will contaminate your pillowcase with bacteria that you collected throughout the day. In addition, your skin needs to take a break from all those harsh chemicals. Do your skin a favor and unclog the dirts!
It's hard for me to sleep on my back because I get occasional shoulder pains.
@AlohaJPark I have the same issue until I switch the normal cotton pillow to a memory foam pillow. I can't sleep without out!