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Prized for their modern use in lasers, rubies are the gems that are closest and most dear to my heart. Please don't break my heart. I need this for my other finger...the one wearing black onyx. What I love most about cabochon style rubies is the buttery heat you feel when you glide the stone across your body. So sensual. This would make the perfect gift to a bride from her groom before the wedding.
You know how much I spend too much time gushing over the jewels at Lang Antiques. They're offering this bedazzler for a one luck lady. I'm still holding out hope that my Winston will come through for me.
C. 1890
Cabochon Ruby
26.66 ct.
1.60 cttw
Size 7 1/4
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I was born in September; what is my birth stone?
@marshalledgar Sapphire! I might be a little jealous. I love really rich blues.
Garnets are really beautiful too @danidee. They tend to be darker than rubies, which tend to be more violet/pink
I started to read a book that you would probably like @NixonWoman. It's called "Love of Stones" Can't remember the author's name. Bet you'd like it since you like rubies
Thanks @danidee I always thought September would be something orange for Fall. What do I know?