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Or...much, much longer, because this is no ordinary dime-store sapphire. It's natural, meaning the color wasn't exposed to heat like a lot of fools gold sold on television in Pennsylvania. (hint, hint.) It's also a cabochon that's bullet-shaped, surrounded by a half carat total weight of diamonds. And would you dare believe that it's origin is from Sri Lanka?
Stare into the sapphire too long and it's too late. It will have already cast its spell over you. It's hypnotic clench. Driving you mad with desire. Like it's already done to me. So, like I said, hold your breath...and just'll find its way on your finger a la your husband's American Express Black Card. Or Guiness, if you're successful because the current world-record holder held his breath for 22 minutes.
C. 1915
Item No. 30-1-845
Natural Cabochon Sapphire
16.40 cts
.50 cttw
Apparently some guy used the same method by another world-record holder. insanity i tell ya.
This one looks incredibly regal.
Yep. Just drown me in that ginormous sapphire
admiring the clear deep blue of the sapphire.
My mom's a sapphire. She would love this ring too
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