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Okay, any Victorious fans out there?! Our time has come!
Ariana's new video for "One Last Time" shows her running through LA as the world gets hit by a comet. We see everything through the camera lens of her boyfriend until his identity is revealed at the very end. Who is he? Drum roll please...
It's MATT BENNET. aka Robbie Shapiro. aka one-half of fictional super-couple Cabbie in Victorious!
Good song... Like the video.
I saw a buzzfeed thing on this video and they said she was looking for her boyfriend and i thought that totally didnt make sense. I'm glad you said it was through the bf's eyes cause that's what I thought too!
I almost feel like I have to watch Victorious reruns now that I listen to Ariana hahahaha
@kistenadams I heard it too, the very beginning - I wonder if he was a writer on the track?
Does anyone else feel like this is an Owl City song?