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Much like the starter husband, this is a great starter ring for enthusiasts. Now, don't flinch at the price. It's $22,450. This is such a steal! Art Deco-inspired, the ring sports a sunburst design, so it is stunning to look at from every single direction. Hail a taxi wearing this and you'll be arrested for indecent exposure! The audacity of brandishing such bejeweled enticement ought to be a crime--BUT IT'S NOT!
Look at it. It's dripping with fancy colored diamonds. Not CZ, my dear! My God!! (Gets the bartender's attention...) But there's more:
Item No. R5030
Platinum/18ct pink and yellow gold
Center Diamond 1.30 ctwt
Cushion cut
Fancy Yellow
Any size
If you're looking to get into collecting (and wearing) dazzling rings from a million years ago, then this stunner will give you the motivation to do what's needed to get that man in your life to get it for you! Winston bought me my first. It was a spectacular 2ct orange ruby from Nepal. I remember those days....
where do you find these extravegant rings?
If this was not in yellow or orange and just plain white/clear it would be PERFECT @nixonwoman
Probably one of my favorite rings that you have included in your Vintage Rings Collection. Amazing shape and color. Not a bad price compared to the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS needed for the other rings in your collection @nixonwoman
Okay, they're really pricey but so pretty!
Hahaha, I love the description for this.