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so for those who don't know, I was told by this company (Enve Boards) that they wanted me on their team. So I got super stoked cause it would've been my first sponsor.. so I emailed them all my info and everything but they haven't replied... this was over 2 weeks ago... these guys really suck at communication with potential costumers and team riders so that's why I don't want to be a part of it.. I have worked so hard to get where I am in this sport.. I don't want to deal with that, I'd rather go buy gear I know will be good...
I know I like just repping my favorite companies just to wear there stuff is cool. But maybe find a local skate shop who are looking for "team riders" that's what you wanna ask to be the word sponsor can be a turn off when companies here so many people wanting them
I think sometimes the problem especially with Instagram is that they are looking for "reps" and once you say yes they just want you to get their name out and not have to give you anything for it like they said they would or so.
That really sucks! Sorry homie, your good enough tho so youl be up there soon
FUCKING THANK YOU they responded to me once saying they aren't taking sponsorships and I'm Like ok fuck it that's bs but w.e I asked to be a team rider and they never ever responded and it took them 4 days to respond the first time and honestly I'm not so good at sliding but I can handle speed and my slides are good enough for my time that I've been skating and I live in the city so why wouldn't they make me a team rider we can film easier w.e I'm done with them now I completely forgot about my team up with ekick technologies speaking of that check them out on Facebook and Instagram you'll see what their company is about they don't sell their product yet but soon they will but you have to win their product until They start selling but seriously these enve boards guys like they might be nice and all but seriously they need to start replying
Damn man. But your totally right communicating is easy in this day and age so there isn't much to say bout this, they should be able to contact someone within a few days at most.
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