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If you have a white empty wall to spare, you will get inspired by Francois et Moi's newest project, hand-painted blue and white plates. I particularly love the combination of modern and traditional design with a minimalist aesthetic. People who love Japanese ceramics and dinnerware will appreciate this. Scroll down and learn how to recreate these beautiful plates for your home. Before you start, things you'll need:
• Round thrift shop plates in various sizes • Adhesive stencils + fine tip oil-based paint pen in blue Cardstock ( 3 x 10 inches) • Adhesive silk screens + high gloss acrylic paint in indigo + foam block or pouncer • Plate hangers + nails for hanging (optional: if you plan to hang them)
Geometric Patterns
Using an adhesive stencil and ceramic pens start filling in the design. Tip: allow paint to set for a few minutes before removing the stencil to avoid smudging.
Linear Design
In order to get this pattern you will need a strip of card stock to act as a guide and use a ceramic pen to create straight clean lines Tips: Make sure the lines are radiating out from the center to get the exact effect!
Organic Patterns
Use adhesive silk screen and acrylic paint for highly detailed designs. You'll be applying the paint over the top of the screen using foam block or pouncer. Remove screen before paint dries.
If you plan to install them to your wall make sure they are completely dry before clipping on plate hangers on them. Tip: Arrange the position before transferring to the wall. Also, the plate will air cure over 21 days and it will become semi-permanent and wipeable. However, these are for decorative purposes only, so don't use them for dining!
This is absolutely beautiful! I have a bunch of ceramic plates from Japan but I'm too afraid to hang them on my wall.
@maymay75 This is when a rug becomes useful!