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Making my edit.. how does it look????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO_P7Q2V4JY
yea I'm trying to find someone to get some follow shots, and these were just a couple videos I threw together so the full edit will be better, and yea I wasn't sure how close the camera should be so filming and editing are all new to me, just experimenting:P @ApolloSkating @IsaacPaulR
Awesome! Love to see some cooler shots, got your dad to film you next time?
Nice hairpin turns you got I'd love to have those to practice drifts. Advice I'd give, DH is a little trickier to edit usually you want a friend to do a follow shot on board and music style I usually go for a fast pace. But you made the slower song work well. When you set up a stationary shot have it close or on side of road and whiz by it to give an idea to viewer that you're going fast because sadly the farther from the camera you are, the slower It seems you're going and that's just in general.