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I don't know many details about this yet, but it seems that the snow fall happening on the east coast has caused a trail carrying oil to derail, leading to numerous explosions and giant, scary looking fireballs. At least 14 of the cars carrying oil ignited, and the counties in the area have been put into a declared state of emergency.

The train derailed at 1:30 pm, and residents saw some explosions, and another explosion happened later in the day. Check out the photos below.

@yakwithalan This really makes me worry about those pipelines you posted off before--imagine how much worse of a situation this would be if it had been a sealed pipeline. I wonder how much oil was lost here in comparison to that other spill you shared about.
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Wow. Now, I don't have this concern directly with pipelines (my concern is more over the other environmental damages) but I wonder how much is spilled each yeah because of pipelines versus because of trains derailing.....
@amog32 I'll check it out now thanks. @greggr WhenI last checked at least 2,500 people had been.
You gotta check out the videos over on @TeamWaffles card. It's crazy.
Wow--looking to hear more. I hope everyone in the area is OK. Have people been evacuated?