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Diamond engagement rings are funny. Sometimes you want to be overwhelmed by fresh new diamonds in brand new settings. Other times, you want something with personality, something from the past.
If you're on the fence about it, as so many brides are, then get a ring that is inspired by the past. For instance, this ring by Diamonds By Lauren, is an homage to the Edwardian era between 1901 and 1920. It falls into the "glamorous" category as there is a large centered stone surrounded by smaller stones. A ring like this gives you, the bride, the best of both worlds. But be warned, my dear, if you're going to hearken the age of the past, own it and start collecting rings that you can enjoy wearing and that can be handed down for future generations of women to wear and adore.
Item No. R5435
Colorless Diamond Ring
Center Stone 3.09 ctwt
Surrounding Stones .75 cttw
Any size
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luv this do death. staring at these amazing pics.
Me too @darcysdiary. This is something I could buy myself. maybe i will.
If or when I propose, then this is the ring I would propose with. It's just perfect. GREAT PRICE TOO
Dreamy engagement ring. It is surprising about the price @noonmarez
Love,love, love it !!! Its definitely a must have !