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Q: Ok, so, I'm like REALLY bad at flirting....I get horribly nervous when talking with the person I like, whether it's in person, over text, whatever.....does anybody have any advice or tips for how to get over this? Or how to make it work for me? Because right now it just feels like a big disaster everytime I like someone :( Leave your answers for our anon who needs flirting advice in the comments!
Be yourself... Nobody can be you better than you.. Use those flaws u have, don't try anything that might get you tongue tied.. And try to bond over something you both are really good at... And build your way from there....
It's hard to just act casual sometimes, so I'm with @danidee -- just speak to them like you would anyone else, just a tiny bit more attentive!
@danidee Agreed! Just be casual and NORMAL, otherwise, you'll never really get to be yourself. Attention is enough, it doesn't have to be some fancy game
You don't ever have to really flirt, in my opinion. At least not as aggressively as you might see other people do it. Just act like an invested conversation partner. Ask them questions that will make them elaborate more about what they're talking about and pay attention to what they have to say. That level of interest may be just as equally flattering.
OK, in my opinion, step one is to STOP thinking you're awkward! The more awkward you think you are, the more awkward you'll probably be. Really, I speak from experience lol. Other than that, it depends on the situation. If it's someone you see alot, don't just stare and hope they notice you! Try to extend conversation beyond what you normally talk about REALLY gradually! Doing everything gradually will help you feel comfortable while still sending good vibes :)