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After giving some advice on how to be less awkward while flirting, a friend showed me this video about "Adult Wednesday Addams" of the Addams' Family going on a date set up on the internet.
While honesty is a must on this kind of date, being so honest and blunt that you freak the guy out is a no-no in my books! As is drinking blood, offering razor blades, being mean, etc. etc.....right? But we all knew that, I hope!
"My accomplice." I like the sound of that :)
I love this so much.
@carickes LOL right?! So much better than a boyfriend... @danidee You should check out her other videos, too -- so funny!
This is kinddddd of terrifying, lol, I hope she wouldn't be my internet date!!
@onesmile Thankfully I think this is a pretty rare occurrence :P