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Ever wanted big hair and rag curls? Here's are two methods using straws to achieve this look! Perfect for dress up parties or when you want to give your hair EXTRA volume.
Materials: Leave in conditioner, scissors, and straws (lots of them).
Note: Remember to spray leave in conditioner as your wrap your hair with straws!

Method 1: Tie

Wrap your hair around the straw, and tie the ends together.

Method 2: Bobby Pin

Roll hair around a cut straw, secure with bobby pin. I find this method a lot simpler.

Leave it on for 3-4 hours.

Finally, unravel the straws, warm some hair oil in your palms and run it through your hair then you're good to go.
Source: xovain

her hair looks like it's a knot
As much as I love curls this is too frizzy looking for me.
I love this !
Whoa the curls you get are super tiny but I am sort of in love? This sounds so fun hahaha
never thought of using straws to curl hair!