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Blankets of Loneliness:

Loneliness doesn't blanket the floor in complete or total darkness.
Instead, it seeps. Spreads through the slots and cracks
that weren't meant to exist. It expands slowly
across what solid ground it can find
before dripping, plopping and silently weeping
into the holes left behind
by unskilled hands, by
manual removal and
by their
The first prompt I'm responding to is @greggr's prompt: "Write about a feeling with 10 lines, the first one being 10 words, next line 9, so on and so forth." What do you think?

The Singing Walls of Eribourne: A Prologue

When Eribourne was alive, it sang. Never before had the walls of a city made such beautiful noise, nor would they sing again. There had been magic in the corridors; the wind chimed as it echoed through stands and stalls: whirling through curtains and into open living rooms. The people of Eribourne knew the sound well; they lived with it ringing constantly, a part of their day as much as the sun's rising, the stars' glittering or the passing of time. But time did pass, and with it, things changed. It would always be Eribourne's greatest legacy, and the largest mystery, that their walls kept singing until the wave covered them whole.
This is a response to @chiarscuro's recent prompt: "Write the prologue to a book about a forgotten city submerged in the ocean for 300 years." I don't think it's quite long enough to be a prologue, but I thought I'd give it a go anyways!
@greggr Thanks! @chiaroscuro Thanks so much!!! Ah I feel like I just rush through these, but I'm glad they sound nice to you~
I absolutely loved your loneliness poem. I can't help but feel it captures the emotion perfectlt. And your prologue to Eribourne is also quite beautiful. The singing walls definitely made it seem mystical :)
Interesting take on both prompts; thanks for trying them!