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Lunar New Year is in three days and my home is already filled with red and gold decor. My mom is really big on holiday interior designs and I love helping her out. I came across this cute lantern that I plan to put together to hang in our living room. I've seen many Lunar New Year lanterns and this one caught my attention. It's modern, festive and easy to make! Thanks to Thirsty for Tea!
Materials: You'll nee a couple of horizontal and vertical red envelopes, a tassel, strings or twine (not pictured), index cards, and tape.


Begin inserting index cards to all the 12 horizontal and 12 vertical envelopes to create a sturdier thickness of paper.
For the bottom lantern: use horizontal envelopes.

Layout the envelopes like shown above (left). You can tape the envelopes together on whichever side you prefer, as long at they are sealed together well.
For the top lantern:
use vertical envelopes.

layout the envelope similar as shown on the (right). Then continue taping.
Use a 2 yard piece of string. Lace each string end in 1 of 2 opposite spaces in hexagon (from bottom) and tie knot at top center of lantern. Continue placing string and tying knots to the opposite sides in hexagon. Then tie a final knot snug to the center point.
Place the large/top lantern piece on top of bottom piece, aligning their centers. Pull the loose string ends of the bottom piece up through 2 opposite spaces of the large/top lantern piece. Tie a final knot snug to the center point of the top piece to create one large lantern where top and bottom pieces are connected with string. After tying the knot, snip off excess string with scissors. Finally loop the tassel and move it to the center
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This is one cute lantern!