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Thank you to all those who have been responding to these prompts :). For today's, I'd like to clarify as it may sound confusing. You are writing about every third, fourth, or fifth birthday rather than every birthday as that may end up being incredibly long. But I am in no way saying you can't write about every year. Whatever flows to you works. February 17, 2015 Write out every birthday wish in 3-5 year increments of someone from the moment they are born to the day they die. February 15, 2015 Write the moments leading up to a fateful encounter of two ex-lovers who haven't seen each other for 10 years. Whether the two still love each other or hate each other's guts is up to you. February 13, 2015 Write the prologue to a book about a forgotten city submerged in the ocean for 300 years. February 11, 2015 Write what happens after a delinquent teen in a dystopian future receives the news that he must save the world.
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Very interesting prompt: a way to look at life not straight through the years, but jumping among them, picking up bits and pieces.