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Is there anything better than the sweet, natural taste of honey? Not only is it delicious, but it is one of the healthiest sweeteners available. If only there was an easier way to harvest the sweet treat. Now there is thanks to FlowHive. The new honey company claims to have invented a patented process to literally harvest honey out of a special beehive that has a simple tap.
I read many of the Youtube comments, and while I don't understand many of them (hehe), I do see a lot of skepticism from beekeepers. I wonder if there is really more to this than meets the eye. It seems, though, that there is a patent pending, and that they will reveal the entire secret on the 23rd, when their kickstarter starts. I can only hope that this is completely true!
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IIII don't really know how to feel about this. But I guess it IS pretty cool!
Hmm my neighbor is actually a beekeeper so I'll pass this along to her. I have zero knowledge about this kind of thing!