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When studying the art and craft of cinematography it is drilled into your head that the main goal of the cinematographer is to "protect the talent". This means that we always need to be aware of how the lights that we hang, how the lenses we choose, how the placement of the camera - will effectively enhance or detract from your subject's appearance. What's amazing to me is how moving a light just a few inches can smooth the natural contours and shapes of a person's face, eliminating shadows that would otherwise cast themselves in unflattering ways. Cinematographers are said to "paint with light" - a reference to creating striking and dynamic compositions consisting of form, color, and movement in each frame of a motion picture. I use my cinematography training when I shoot portraits to not only protect the talent and make sure they feel comfortable and confident that I will help them achieve the look they desire, but I also try to use light and color in ways that make the images more interesting. I want these images to grab your attention and draw you in. Of course with models as beautiful as Misty - that's not really a difficult thing to do. What you won't know from these photos is Misty is so much more than a pretty face. She's an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a mother of three, and all natural. She's not given into the pressures of botox or any such nonsense. This to me just makes shooting her that much more enjoyable. She's a real woman and she's not ashamed of her age, body, or her outward appearance.