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Mic'd Raw Run at IDF Lago Cerrillo Ponce Downhill Race
Emily Pross is mic'd up and doing a commentary on a downhill run with Marie Bougourd.
Emily's Setup:
Original Baffle 37 w/ ronin trucks, riptide bushings, RDVX grip, and RAD 78a Advantages
Marie's Setup:
Loaded truncated tesseract, XS fullface Helmet, area trucks, Orangatang 80a Kegals, Riptide Bushings, and SMB bearings
I love mic'd runs. I need to do this sometime. maybe with some head to head action if we can do it to two gopros. these chicks are bosses. definitely gonna go give her a follow
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@KTM2014 Me too man, mic'd runs are great. They bring a little life to regular raw runs
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