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Sometimes the most unlikely things can conspire to bring about the most unexpected yet pleasant results. Never be afraid to have fun when working with models... as the photographer you are so much more than the person shooting the photos - your attitude and your emotions set the tone for the shoot and are the guideposts for how your models will feel while working with you. Laugh, relax, be open to experimentation - and always use your imagination to inspire. After shooting 4 models in one day - I'd laughed so much - we'd had so much fun - that as the shoot was finishing up I noticed that one of the models had brought a mask to the shoot - hand made in Italy - it in itself was a complete work or art. One of the other models present had the most beautiful blue-grey eyes. I saw the mask and knew what I had to do. Within a minute I had this shot. Everyone was laughing and having a great time - and outside of my job expectations for the day - I was able to get a memorable, interesting photo for my own portfolio. Being relaxed and open to suggestions from those around you can lead to unexpected and amazing images.