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A snowmobiler was attempting to summit the side of a mountain with his friends in snowmobiles. Unfortunately, he did not make it up all the way. After stopping and flipping backwards, the man loses control over his snowmobile. The snowmobile begins tumbling down the steep mountain side while the driver slides in front. While sliding down the mountain, the man must try to avoid the tumbling snowmobile that could crush him and the jagged cliffs on either side of him.
If it weren't for the jagged cliff faces on either side and the half ton snowmobile barreling down behind you, that looks like it might actually be fun.
@mikerosa92 Definitely defeating. Imagine getting a few feet from the top and succeeding, only to fail and break your machine while you're at it
Runaway snowmobile. Two words you never want to hear when on a mountain
Crazy, he almost made it too. This must have been pretty defeating, tumbling down a mountain for a few minutes straight
That snowmobile tumbling behind him must have been terrifying. Those things weigh so much