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Training soldier Park Jungsu see this (First letter sent to your training location written on 11/8/2012) .. I worried that fans might forget you after you go to army but that was proven wrong. Instead, I worry that you won’t be able to read this because of so much love from fans. It’s been very cold after you enlisted. I wonder if you have caught a cold. How is it sleeping there? It may be uncomfortable but every Korean man has to sleep on it at least once in their lifetime so accept it with a happy heart.. I worry about your relationship with younger yet higher-ranked officers. I trust that you will be okay but sometimes a person can ‘snap’ and make mistakes. And 6th was Super Junior’s 7th anniversary right? It feels like yesterday when you called me after winning 1st place for the first time after debut on ___channel, saying “Appa we won 1st place.” Looking back now, time is very fast.. You may be sad not being with the members you spent so much time together but forget everything in the society and focus on the duties as a soldier and recharge yourself. The 21 months are an experience you won’t feel again in your life time so I think you will become much more mature afterwards. I heard that Eunhyuk’s father will open a bakery about 200m away from my office.. It’s lunch time. Eat well.. enough for today~~~ -To my beloved son- T^T touching ~ sweet sio ~ ^^