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Ok, so this card is more like: "What not to do, as shown by the cast of Friends," but I think it works! Ross is having trouble flirting, don't you think? I think we've ALL been in this situation before: we SO badly want to say something cute or funny, but instead we end up just awkward, awkward, awkward! And then when it's all over, we don't even remember what we said...
My advice on how to avoid this is to:
1) Don't force the conversation! When it seems like they don't want to talk, stop! Otherwise, you'll end up being weird.
2) Talk about something not weird--aka don't talk about gas of any sort (unless they're like a neon sign sales person or something, but what are the chances of that?)
3) Be confident! Ross's biggest problem here is that he is capital N - Nervous! Just relax, and trust that you're worth being liked :)
Ross flirting again--this time, a little bit more successfully! Only a tiny bit more successfully--if you don't want to be give the smile brush off like Ross got here, try to the following:
1) Don't make the fact that you're SO desperate to flirt obvious! We've all had times when we really just wanna date, but if you make that obvious, the other person is going to get suspicious!
2) Be yourself--if you wanna play video games, play them! Act natural and say hello from there before easing into conversation.
3) Show that you're reliable AKA don't change you mind about what you say you're doing (like going to a friends for Thanksgiving) two seconds later because there will be hot, drunk people to hang out with. That kind of mind changing is not attractive to anybody!
Chandler tries flirting by doing a little trick: blowing a bubble! And then he chokes and has to be given the Heimlich maneuver instead. To avoid this situation, try the following:
1) Don't try any tricks to get attention-- you might end up embarrassing yourself in some other way rather than looking cool! Just be natural.
2) If you do embarrass yourself, kind of laugh it off like Chandler--who knows, maybe you'll end up looking endearing!
I'm pretty sure I flirt like Chandler and Ross put together. No, I'm 100% sure.
@onesmile LOL well....that's not so bad if you can keep it in check!