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There is no doubt we all want perfect brows but with so many products out there which one is the right one for you? Here's a breakdown of five eyebrows enhancers.


This method gives a softer and more youthful look. Tip: use an angled brush (with short, still bristles when applying. Use the tip to outline the brow and color between the hair with soft strokes. This will smooth it out and make it more precise.


This method is good for re-shaping brows that are sparse or not defined. Eyebrow pencil can give a sharp and clean effect but it also requires more skill and practice. Tip: Apply in soft strokes like you are sketching. If you shaped it too strong you can use a brush to soften it out.


This is perfect for those we desire a very sleek look with tamed and defined brows. Since it is made with wax the finish effect is a bit more stiff. Tip: A little goes a long way! Use an angled brush to blend the product onto the skin and hairs. After dipping your brush into the product remove excessive by swiping it across the back of your hand. In addition, use a little bit of foundation to clean up underneath the brow to achieve a clean shape.


This method is great over powder to tame the brow. Also, if you already have dark brow this alone can help you keep the shape and strengthen the color. Tip: choose a gel one shade lighter than your hair color for a more natural result. In addition, apply it only on the brow not the skin. Comb in an up and outward direction toward your hair line.


This method is perfect for those that want a slight change in their hair color. If you dye your hair often this is a life saver to not have different hair and eyebrow tone. Tip: Select a shade that is closest in tone to your hair color and then grab one shade lighter. Since tints are highly pigmented apply it softly!
Pomade is what I need. This might sound weird but I've used chap stick before. (not lip gloss)
@AlohaJPark I also started out using the brow shadow but I bought a brow pencil and fell in love with it. I use it with a brow gel to tidy up my brows.
For me, I love using eye shadow and gel to define my brows. It does a great job cover the sparse area and the gel illuminates the thickness.
I'm only skilled enough to use brow shadow. I tried using a pencil and it just didn't look right on me.