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Did any of you guys ever use risers to make your board lower I like what I did it I don't feel so much of a difference so I'm probably gonna make it even lower but idk
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@crazyheart no but then again I do keep my trucks kinda tight but they are loose for me and super tight for my friends because I'm a lil heavier than them but yu just gotta find that sweet spot the perfect blend of tight and loose and if you still get wheel bite try not to turn as hard and put like 5 speed washers in the back of the wheel that might help
"drop through" on a whole 'nother level
What's the size and duro on wheels?
Don't do it if you ride a lot of street or commute. It will make pumping feel better but you can scrape or event eat pavement hahaha
@CohlEllis 73mm 70mm contact patch and 80a