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"Thanks for the adventure. Now go find a new one. Love, Ellie."
I really, really, REALLY love the movie UP! Ellie and Carl have such a cute relationship, and even though we only get a glimpse of it, we can see just how much it has affected Carl in his life without Ellie.
If we can all find a love this great, I'll be happy for us :) And, I love that reminder, that even after love, life goes on. We have the capacity to love and do many things in life: we have to keep pushing forward!
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@ChristinaBryce They had such a wonderful life, filled of love! We'd all be lucky to have the same :)
@onesmile Agreed! Ahhh now i really want to watch this again :)
This is going to make me all misty-eyed.
@beywatch Just give in and cry!! :)
Love that movie. I think I watched it at least 5 times. But I still love it!!! :):):)