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"I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you." - John Smith
Okay, so I don't think we should all die if we can't be with the one we love (seriously bad advice, it only works in their situation!) but I love the sentiment of this one: that life wouldn't be the same without that special someone. Once you meet them, you know that things have utterly and irreversibly shifted, and that's just part of what love is.
The face Pocahontas is making right now is the face I would make if a guy seriously said that to me.
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@danidee My problem is I can't figure out if that's loving shock, or disgust that someone would sacrifice themselves!!! uhhh lol :D
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It's her "Uhhhhh.." face.
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@danidee Yeah I think I'd be making the same face then too. "Uhhh....I appreciate the sentiment....but can you not?"
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