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I want to know what longboard brands you shred.
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Dh: arbor prodigy caliber 2 44s these wheels zealous bearings venom bushings vicious grip Freeride: omen buzz kill caliber 2 50s bones super reds various wheels og flo footstop vicious grip triple 8 helmet holesome gloves/pucks in pswiss
bustin Mekanik paris v2 stock barrel cone bushing liam morgan blood orange 70mm 82a zelous bearings
Loadeddddddd. Canted tessy with cal 2 44s with venom bushings and otang in heats with bones reds. Sector 9 gloves and protec helmet
I have 4 Five Mile boards (Widowmaker, 2 Pipers, and a Lady Liberty) on Atlas Trucks, 1 on Butterballs, The others Divine Street Slayers, Venom bushings and Bones Swiss ceramic bearings (1) 32" Sector Nine with Sidewinder II Gullwing Trucks on green LED's (1) Sector 9 Pintail with Gullwing Mission 1 trucks on LED wheels (1) Sector 9 downhill board with Paris trucks on Seismic Hot Spot wheels (1) Re issue Powell Peralta Caballero with 10" Independent trucks on Powell Peralta wheels (used for downhill and cruising) (1) Re issue Z-Flex with Z-Flex trucks on Z-Flex wheels
That quiver ^