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Here's how I accomplish one of my favorite go-to eye makeup looks...! 2 photos are me wearing the look....!! One photo includes the supplies I used. 2 simple shades of shadow from an ICING from Clare's pallet. Double ended shadow brush. Angled brush. And my favorite mascara on earth... this stuff works wonders and is made for layering. Step 1: Apply your lighter shadow near the lash line, as shown... with the smaller end of the shadow brush. Step 2: Apply the darker shadow, above the other, using the larger side of the brush. Step 3: Add a bit more of the light color, working it upwards into the dark shade. And vice versa.... till you have a nice mix in the middle, a gradient almost, ombre if you will... Step 4: Start the lower lash line, using the angled brush... apply the darker shadow, as an eyeliner... Step 5: Add a bit of the lighter shadow under that, using the angled brush again... as a highlighter. Step 6: Seal it with mascara! I used 2 coats in my photos. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. =)
@haylstorm19xx Clever tutorial using graphic art and pictures. Love to see more like this. Also add a photo closeup of your eye to get a good look. Thanks!!
I lovve this
The eye make really brings out your eye color! so beautiful!
Thanks for including the tutorial and pictures to go along with it! I love this eye makeup!
@madeleine Thank you!!! =)