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ISO new deck. just got my abec 11 centraxs in the mail too............
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Damn had the same deck break the same way! Urs is In better shape though. U could chop it!
3 years ago·Reply
no don't chop it dude, if it came in the mail send it back n get a new one
3 years ago·Reply
nah ive had it for a while. i got new wheels in the mail. i dont plan on chopping it. i had planned on a new deck anyways
3 years ago·Reply
ohhh okay.. that sucks tho dude:/ I wonder if there is someway to like brace it and get it back together? not sure
3 years ago·Reply
ikr. hey @JaydenWashabaug i messaged you about some sponsorship stuff if your interested
3 years ago·Reply