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Katsucon 2015 was great!

Katsucon 2015 was one of my best cons!I wore all 6 of my cosplays AND lolita like I had planned! This included the debut of my Super Idol Nico cosplay! Finally being Nico really was a dream come true :3.
All three of our panels went incredibly well, and we had one of the best Awkward Dance Moves panels EVER! This ended in a spontaneous epic dance battle to Chick Chick that I will never forget!
DTP...oh DTP. I love every minute I spend with my fellow members, my family. I'm also glad so many more people understood why the gathering always ends in an outburst of emotion. It was truly magical to get to be closer to so many viewers and share that time with them!
All and all, Katsu was a great real start to the con year! I'm so happy to have met and spent time with so many of you lovely people! Let's all rest up for now, because the year has only just begun! ^^
Photo credits to Yenra Photography (@yenra) and Sir Breadlyson Photography. Check out the cosplays below!

Super Idol Nico!

Anna from Frozen!

Babydoll from Sucker Punch!

Sunday's Lolita Coord!

Ariel! (with Gaston and Sailor Snow White)

Special appearance by @Angelipon!

Gossip Girl cosplays with my friends! :)

Looks like you had a good time. Cool.
It was so cool to see that you made Nico from scratch :) Thanks for sharing the whole process with us!
You Ariel and Your Anna (actually, all of them) are so gorgeous!
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