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Chapter 1 "Hey Des! Come here, i want to show you something." My uncle yelled from down the hallway. I was sitting in my room knowing what was to come, my heart raced, body was trembling, stomach grew weak. He was the bad guy in my dreams and he scared the living hell out of me. "Hold on!" I hollered back. "Hurry your brother is already in here, there's nothing to be scared of." Of course there wasn't, but I knew exactly what was going on in there. The fear had made it's way to my throat, a single tear rolled down my face as I stepped into the empty hallway, with nothing but darkness closing in. All i could see was the door half open with an ominous glow coming from it. As I get closer my feet grew heavier and heavier. I opened the door, everything went black and I ended up back in my room on my bed. "Triston, Triston!" I whispered loudly to wake up my brother. "What?" he answered with tears rolling down his face. "Did he?" "What do you think?" I never felt alright in my house, living with demons had plagued my heart, it mad me want to run away and never turn back. My uncle was the worst of them all. I knew what he was doing but i never remembered everything that happened, but I knew exactly what he was doing. It hurt to even think about it. Things were really obtuse when it came to my "episodes," i called them, i would not only hear things but things came to me, things i had never seen, only in my dreams. I had always wondered what they were, when I would black out it's like i had wandered off into a whole new world, a world where it was darker and a lot more scarier. "Triston, what happened?" "You mean you don't remember? You yelled and yelled, like you were being soaked in a bath full of your least favorite food." "No, I really don't remember what happened. It went black after I went into Uncle's room." I really could not remember, the only thing i could remember was the faint voices in the back of my head, telling me something, but it was to faint, i couldn't hear a thing. "Well it's over now, just forget it." "I suppose," i had answered back. "But there's something else." "What?" he replied. "There were things i could see, things i could hear, in my head, they were saying something." "Oh yea? What were they saying?" "I don't know, it was to quiet to hear what they were saying, lets just go to sleep, we have school in the morning." That night, the voices came back a little clearer and somewhat more audible than last time i heard them. Telling me things, talking to me. "You have to escape, get away, come and join us where things are a lot more better than they are for you in your world." "Where is here?" I answered, telling myself that i'm just dreaming. "A place for you to be free, to be happy." "I am happy!" I answered angrily. "We'll see," the voice replied, "We'll see." Morning came, just as the sun began to beam through the blinds of our small confined room, my brother rolled over asking me, if it was over. "Is what over?" i replied to him. "You were talking in your sleep, talking to someone in the dark, i could hear it. I couldn't sleep." "I thought it was just a dream, i could have sworn it was a dream," I said with a bewilder and frightened look upon my face. "You two were talking, you were talking about leaving this place, going somewhere." It was just a dream i thought to myself. Only a dream, it had to be. "I want to go Des, I want to leave!" Triston had said with tears rolling down his face and fear running through his veins. "I don't even know where it is! We can't just up and leave, though i want to, we can't. Think about Grandma, Grandpa, our Aunties, all those who will worry about where we are and what we're doing. We can't just leave, what about your and my friends." I wanted to leave too, but it was something that i had to think about. I wanted to leave so bad. School was the worst, there are a lot of places that I would rather be than here. Everything got worse once I got to school. I wasn't aware that i had dosed off in class, and the voices began, but this time they were more clear and i started to see things better. "Have you made up your mind?" "Where will you take us?" "Us? I was only accounting for one person to join us." "I have a brother, Triston, if i go he goes too, i won't leave him behind." "So it is a yes, I will make preparations for your arrival, by then you and your brother will have had enough time to give us your word." "Will I need anything? To bring of course." "That will not be necessary, seeing that you will have all that you need when you come." SLAM! "Desmond wake up!" my teacher roared with a disdain look upon her face. "School is no place for a nap." she was looking down upon me as if I had burned down her favorite restaurant, which was a tiny cafe on the corner of Oxford and Vassar by the way. "Well if that's so, homework should not be done at home." I said with a frown upon my face. "To the office now! Take your things, i don't need this attitude in my classroom." She said with disgust. I was walking down the hallway when I noticed that it seemed to quiet. I began to walk a little fast and I heard my name being called from behind me, what I saw was displeasing to my stomach. The school bullies were catching up, i ran, they ran. The office was in arms reach. "Ohh, so close Desmond, so close," He said in a sarcastic tone. "What do you want Trent?" "Remember when you said you would do my homework for me? Well i don't have it, and i'm wondering where it could be if not in my bag ready to turn in by fifth hour. I told you what would happen if it wasn't in my hand didn't I?" "Yea, so what?" "So what? Ooh, look at the balls on him. What should we do with him Josh? Shall we see how long he could stay awake? Should we put him in the locker? You are claustrophobic aren't you?" "Why can't you do your own homework? I mean you sure got an extensive vocabulary for someone who can't even spell their name right. You obviously, know a thing or two about what is on the papers that are handed to you." I was lying on the floor, pain in my right cheek, like I had been hit in the face with a bat or something like that. I look up at Trent and he was pounding me like Rocky was beating on the cow in the meat locker. I looked around and for some odd reason we were in the bathroom. "Say it again, i dare you." His fist, i swear his fist looked like it had teeth, "Get up, come on." "Where are we going?" I asked with fear in my voice. "C'mon Trent, don't you think he's had enough?" Josh said with an almost worried tone. "These little kids need to know there place when it comes to us." He said with pride covering his body from head to toe. "You're not that much older then he is! Let him go man, he's had enough." "I decide when he's had enough, I decide when my homework should be done, and I decide what should happen to trash like him." My locker. "Open it! Now!" I hesitated, so he shoved me into my locker with the strength of a bull. I didn't know what to do, so I opened it, i knew what was coming too. "Maybe after you'll learn how to do what i say." "Please don't, stop!" He shoved me into my locker without hesitation, without thought, nothing but violence was in his heart. I screamed, yelled, panicked, calling for someone, anyone. Nothing. The walls started to close in, i couldn't breathe, the light shining through was beginning to fade, and the voices were making themselves known once again. "We need to help him, we need to get him out of there, he needs help!" One of the voices said. "Why do we need to help him? He can handle himself, it's not like he's going to die in there." another voice replied. "He's just a child! He can't do everything by himself, besides we offered him a place of solace, where he can be free and away from all those monsters." Said the other. "You're kidding me right? Have you seen you? Well you do look better than a human would. I'm sure that humans are ugly if they were us." Jokingly, he replied. "Just open it." "Alright, alright." He said. I fell out of my locker and ran as quick as I could, trying to run from those who put me there and those who let me out, though i don't know why. Maybe it was an instinct, maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was still afraid. I looked back at the locker and i saw, eyes looking at me, just staring at me like i had nothing to be afraid of. I felt the warmth it sent down my spine, for a change it felt like i was welcomed, like I had nothing to worry about. I opened the door to the office and the head was standing there, looking at me with disgust, it was the exact opposite of what i felt from the eyes that were in my locker.
Looking forward to reading more!
Very intriguing, I love d it! I want to know more about who's behind those eyes; who's on his side, and whos' not. Good work!